The Town of Elk Point and County of St. Paul are partnering to develop an Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan (ASP). The ASP will guide future growth and development of lands located at the southern gateway to Elk Point, including lands in both the Town and County (see map below).

The Town and County are undertaking a collaborative approach to address land use planning, engineering, and development issues, respond to market demand by providing the required land supply, provide a framework to address development proposals and land use concerns, create orderly and efficient development that meets municipal goals, and establish a framework to attract economic opportunities. The ASP is anticipated to take approximately one year to complete.

Community engagement will occur at major milestones during the plan development process. Plan area landowners, residents and other stakeholders will have key roles in the preparation of the ASP.

Where We Are Now

Phase 1: Spring - Summer 2022

Vision for the ASP

Individual Landowner Interviews

Stakeholder Interviews

Online Community Survey

Background Report

Phase 2: Fall 2022

Draft ASP

Individual Landowner Interviews

Steering Committee Meeting

Development Concepts

Draft ASP

Phase 3: Winter 2023

Final ASP

Landowner Interviews

In-Person or Virtual Open House

Online Community Survey

Agency Review

Finalize ASP

The project team are wrapping up Phase 1 after completing landowner and stakeholder interviews and an online community survey. The background report, which includes a review of available technical information, existing transportation and servicing networks, an environmental review, and a market analysis is being finalized. A draft development concept and ASP policies are being prepared based on technical information and feedback received. Plan area landowners will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft development concept later this fall.

Get Involved

Residents and stakeholders will have opportunities to get involved and share their feedback on the draft development concept and ASP during Phase 3 through a community open house and online survey. Stay tuned for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Area Structure Plan?

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) provides direction for long-term land use and infrastructure planning of a defined area. It is approved by the municipal Council by bylaw, and is prepared in accordance with Section 633 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The MGA requires ASPs to describe:

  • the sequence of development proposed for the area;
  • the land uses proposed for the area; and
  • the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities.

Why is an Area Structure Plan needed?

The new ASP will provide detailed information relating to future land use, transportation, and servicing. The ASP will guide anticipated future growth, attract new development, employment, and increase and diversify the municipal tax base. The community engagement process will involve input from Plan area landowners, residents, and other stakeholders at key milestones throughout the project.

Does an Area Structure Plan affect my ability to continue to use my land as I am doing now?

The approval of the ASP will not affect current land use activities and does not affect your taxes. It only addresses future development over the long term.

If the ASP is approved, what happens next?

An ASP is a high-level land use planning policy document that provides a concept of how a given area can be comprehensively developed over time. Should the ASP be approved by Town and County Council, nothing occurs unless initiated by the landowner. Following approval of the ASP, if a landowner would like to change the current use of their land, they would likely need rezoning, subdivision and development permit applications, and associated detailed engineering studies that are prepared by developers for individual parcels. None of these more detailed plans are required unless the landowner initiates it.

Does the Town of Elk Point have any other ASPs?

No. However, the Town is currently preparing an ASP for the neighbourhood named Buffalo Trail North.

Does the County of St. Paul have any other ASPs?

Yes. The County has 3 ASPs (Lac Sante ASP, Garner Lake ASP, Upper Lower Mann Lakes ASP).


For any questions or comments about the Elk Point Intermunicipal ASP project, contact:

Sheila Kitz, CAO

County of St. Paul